In 2012, I made a series of short "home movies" for the Sundance (my day job is Senior Programmer, Short Films) website, getting friends to do things that seemed funny at the time. I still think its funny, so either I'm stuck in a vacuum or just like watching people dicking around. I'm a big fan of The Incredibly Strange Film Show and obviously inspired, like when you watch a Jackie Chan film and then immediately go to the parking lot and jump on the roof of your friend's van and they peel out.

This is episode one, with Nash Edgerton (Spider, Lucky, Bear) - a great filmmaker who is also a longtime professional stunt man along with his brother Joel and friends in Australia, showing the Zellner Brothers (Goliath, KID-THING, Kumiko the Treasure Hunter) how to do a film fight.

Title song by Calvin Lee Reeder.